Monday, June 22, 2009

3 Ways to Witness

1. Send a Christian greeting card to a lost friend. Be sure to write a note of encouragement and include a tract. Make reference to your personal experience with Jesus.

2. Offer to assist your neighbor in some special task he is attempting to do (paint house, yard work, etc.) and take the time to witness to him/her.

3. Take some lost friends fishing, golfing or some other recreational event. Make a special effort to witness to them and/or share your testimony.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Six Ways to Witness

1. Start an outreach Bible study for the purpose of inviting lost friends.
2. Wear a T-shirt with an evangelistic theme. When someone asks you about it, share the Gospel.
3. Visit the local nursing homes in your area and witness to the residents you meet.
4. Start a Sunday afternoon worship service at a local nursing home. Make sure you include an evangelistic emphasis during the service. Speak to residents one-on-one. Share your testimony and the gospel.
5. Give a lost friend a subscription to a Christian magazine. Share your testimony and the gospel.
6. Ask to set up a telephone outreach ministry for your church. Use this as an opportunity to invite people to your church, witness to them by sharing the Gospel.