Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do You Study Your Bible?

Christian author Kay Arthur asked on Facebook “What are the top 3 reasons why a Christian does not study the Bible?" Within minutes, people replied to her question. Below is a summary of a some of the reasons they noted. What are your reasons?

Don’t understand how to study God’s word
Don’t have structure and know how to study the Bible
Doesn’t see the value of a Bible study
Not knowing how to study God’s word and giving up
Not understanding what they are reading in the Bible
Lack of Intimacy with God
Intimidated by God and can’t understand how to relate
They’ve never had a real experience in the presence of God
Don’t want to be convicted of sin or think about their behavior
No quiet place or time to be alone with a Bible
Too busy to study God’s word
Parents of Small Children
Taking college classes
Long work hours
Lack of commitment
Caretaker for special needs child or disabled adult
More concerned with world
Physical injury or limitations
Cost or expense of the study
Lack of Discipline
Waits until end of day then too tired to study

We all have excuses for not participating in Bible study. Participating in Bible study puts God in the center of our lives. Take time to study the Bible and keep an open mind and heart. The Bible is one way that God directs our life.